NetMission Ambassadors Program 2017-2018 Application Form

2017-2018 年度网域使命青年使者計劃申請表

Reference Number 檔案編號:

Personal Information 個人資料

Name 姓名
Chinese 中文
English 英文
Sex 性別 Age 年齡
Place of Birth 出生地方 Year 年級 Mobile Phone 手提電話
School 院校 Major 主修科目  
Mailing Address 通訊地址
Email 電郵
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Language 語言

How do you evaluate your different language proficiency?

1: Poor 差; 2: Fair 合格; 3: Good 好 ; 4: Excellent 熟練

Verbal 口說 Cantonese廣東話 English 英文 Mandarin普通話
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Written 書寫 Chinese 中文 English 英文
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Skills 技能

Community Service (if applicable)參與社會服務經驗 (如適用)

Year 年份 name of Service/Program 服務或計劃名稱 Organizer 主辦機構 Your Achievements 你的貢獻

Honours and Awards (if applicable)榮譽與獎項 (如適用)

Year 年份 Name of Honours and Awards 榮譽或獎項名稱 Organizer 頒發機構


Please answer the following questions

1) What is the Internet Issue you concern most and why? What can youth do about it? (within 200 words)
    你最關心的互聯網議題是? 作為年輕人可以做什麼呢?

2) Who is your fictional idol and why? (within 200 words)

3) If you were selected as an NetMission Ambassador, what would you like to initiate? Please briefly describe your idea and action plan. (Within 200 words)
    假如成為 NetMission Ambassador, 你會想發起什麼項目?

4) Where do you learn about this program?

NOTE 注意事項

1. Your application will be under consideration only when all the questions were completed.

2. You will receive a confirmation email after submission.

3. Application Deadline: 13 November 2017
截止報名日期:2017 年 11 月 13 日。


The personal data and other related information provided by you by means of the application form will be used by the Organisation for dealing with your application for the "NetMission Ambassadors Program 2017-2018" and other related purposes. The provision of personal data and other related information by means of the application form is voluntary. However, if you do not provide adequate and accurate data we may not be able to process your application.

閣下於申請表格中所填報的個人及其他有關資料,本機構只會用作「网域使命青年使者計劃 2017-2018」的申請及其他相關用途。以上資料為閣下自願提供。請注意,如果沒有提供足夠和正確的資料,本機構將無法處理閣下的申請。